Mac Outlook 2011 Calendar is Super Ugly

I tried to like the Mac Office 2011’s Outlook Calendar since Microsoft (finally) added a calendar sync feature with this week’s SP1 update.

After downloading and applying Mac Office 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1), I turned on calendar sync in Tools > Sync Services.

I turned it off after an hour.


  1. Syncing created many, many duplicate calendar items for my all-day and recurring events. What a mess!
  2. Its calendar design is really garish! Bold white type reversed out of solid color backgrounds. Ugly!


  1. Craig Eng says

    I had the same problem. How did you fix the problem and remove the addtional calendar entries? Also, did you have Entourage and iCal syncronizing at the same time?

    • Mike Beato says

      I was not synchronizing Entourage and iCal. I removed the duplicate entries manually. It wasn’t totally awful since it seemed to only duplicate full day and repeating entries.

  2. Jeremy says

    Same here on both counts.
    Very disappointing as the same used to happen with Entourage. When MS delayed releasing calendar sync I thought this would mean they’d get it right when it came out. I used “iCal Dupe Deleter” to get rid of the all-day duplicates and deleted Outlook calendar by exporting it to a file. Maybe one day it will be safe to use again, and hopefully also less ugly! I think the problem is to do with iCal having multiple calendars and Outlook having multiple categories instead. Syncing is complex, but they should be able to do better than this! Hopefully this will be more widely discussed on forums.

  3. Helen says

    I have just moved from Entourage to Outlook after frustrating duplicates in calendars as discussed above. Same problem is now occurring in Outlook – all day and recurring events have many duplicates! No amount of deleting changes anything. iCal still has duplicates which then go into my Outlook calendars and iPhone. iCal also is reading 7 categories as calendars.
    Have you since found a fix?

    • Mike Beato says

      I switched to a combination of Mail/Busycal and dropped using Outlook altogether. Then I cleaned up the mess with Calendar Cleaner and Contacts Cleaner from Spanning Tools …

      I just can’t understand how, after spending so much time working on Office 2011 syncing, Microsoft could release it with so many critical problems.

  4. Bill P says

    After downloading iOS5 on my IMac, calendar duplications in Outlook for Mac 2011 SP1 are out of control. Seems only to be affecting annual recurring events like birthdays, AS WELL AS, events marked as full days. Sync services is on. ICal has similar duplications. Even after using the Dupe Deleter on ICal to remove duplicates, there is no relief.

    Anyone have any bright ideas? I do not use MobilMe but do sync my iPhone periodically to my IMac.

  5. Elizabeth Fox says

    I also had the same problem. I fixed it by taking my “All Day” entries and giving them a time. My “All Day” entries using early AM times. At first it was pulling in some old entries, but after changing them a few at a time and syncing I’ve gotten to where there is no duplicating and everything is “fabulous”.

  6. scott says

    I have fixed all the issues with iCal but for some reason outlook is being affected so it still has duplicate events and when I remove them they come back. Cant figure it out. I miss Entourage.

  7. Brent says

    I’ve manually deleted the recurring and all-day events that were duplicates in my Outlook 2011 for Mac. Now, I just need to find a way to delete the duplicate meeting invites. I’ve tried working offline and deleting them one by one, then clearing my outbox before working back online again, but it didn’t work. The duplicate meeting never cleared off my calendar.

    I didn’t find out about this problem (created by using a 3rd party sync software for my Blackberry, I think) until I had 500+ duplicates.

    How do I get rid of these dupe meetings?